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The Adolf-Dietzel-Industriepreis is awarded for especially valuable contributions to the DGG technical committees. Single lectures as well as listings of technical committee reports can be considered.

The price is primarily meant as incentive for junior workers and therefore to be bestowed mainly to this group of glass specialists. It consists of 1500.- EUR and is awarded at intervals of two years at most.

The DGG executive board established this price as »lndustriepreis für technisch-wissenschaftliche Arbeiten«. It was awarded for the first time in the year 1952. In 1995, the executive board decided to rename the award to Adolf-Dietzel-Industriepreis in memory of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Adolf Dietzel (1902 - 1993), the long-standing director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Silikatforschung in Würzburg and former chair of DGG Technical Committee I »Physik und Chemie des Glases«.

The awardees are listed at »Preisträger«.

Goldener Gehlhoff-Ring

The DGG is based on the personality, excellent abilities and achievements of its individual members. Therefore, the executive board of the DGG particularly recognises members extraordinarily dedicated to the objectives of the society by the award of the Golden Gehlhoff Ring.

The ring was named in memory of the important German physicist Georg Gehlhoff (died 1931) who specially promoted the DGG objectives as a member of the executive board. The ring is presented within the framework of the annual DGG meeting. Awardees are supposed to preserve the tradition of the DGG, develop new ideas from the achievements of the past and continue helping to increase the knowledge in glass science and technology.

The awardees are listed at»Preisträger«.


In memory of Otto Schott (1851-1935) and to promote glass science and technology, in 1927 the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, Jena, donated a memorial medal, the »Otto-Schott-Denkmünze der Deutschen Glastechnischen Gesellschaft«.

The Otto-Schott-Denkmünze is awarded to persons with excellent achievements in the field of glass science and technology. The memorial medal is supposed to be awarded every two or three years, and to be presented within the framework of the annual DGG meeting. At this event, the awardee is expected to give a short lecture on a topic in science or technology.

The awardees are listed at »Preisträger«.

DGG Honorary Members

Honorary members of DGG will be persons with extraordinary achievements in glass science and technology or with respect to the objectives of the society.

The Honorary members are listed at »Preisträger«.