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The »Hüttentechnische Vereinigung der Deutschen Glasindustrie e.V.« (HVG) is an association of glass manufacturers or suppliers to the glass industry.

HVG, the research association of the German glass industry, carries out investigations into the field of glass and offers services to glassworks. HVG’s objectives are to further develop knowledge of the material glass and to transfer the findings to industrial practice.

The »Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e. V.« (DGG) is an organisation open to all persons who deal with technology, physics and chemistry in the field of glass as well as glass art and history.

As a mediator between science and industrial practice, DGG organizes annual meetings as well technical committee sessions on defined topics. The results of these events are published in the »European Journal of Glass Science and Technology« and the German-language DGG-Information, respectively.

The specialized DGG library supports not only the scientific activities of HVG and DGG, but also those of any person interested in the field of glass.

The DGG is a founder member of the »International Commission on Glass« (ICG) (established in 1933) as well as the »European Society of Glass Science and Technology« (ESG) founded in 1990.