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Objectives of DGG Technical Committee V

DGG Technical Committee V (FA V) is focussed on glass history and glass design. It is an excellent forum for the exchange of experiences and information between art historians, artists, designers, collectors, gallery owners, art traders, architects, archaeologists and industrialists as well.

The meetings of FA V as well as the publications of the members emphasise new aspects of the history of glass art. The comprehensive spectrum of the topics is intended. It comprises glasses from antiquity up to modern glasses. New approaches in restoration are dealt with just the same as glass in architecture, art, decorative arts, design and glass painting.

An essential objective of FA V is to promote and develop the interdisciplinary dialogue between the history of art and the natural sciences.

Contact to museums with important glass collections as well as to relevant Universities and Colleges is maintained as well as that to glass collectors, designers, artists or the glass industry.

FA V also handles the List of Glass Museums; click »Museums« finden.