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Glass Science and Technology - Glastechnische Berichte

The former DGG organ »Glastechnische Berichte« appeared for the first time in 1923. Two objectives were intended with the journal: firstly, the publication of scientific and technical original contributions and secondly, the current report about all contributions in the German and foreign technical journals concerning the glass industry. Owing to the war, the publication was interrupted in 1944. With the resumption of the activity of the DGG in 1948, Glastechnische Berichte appeared again.

In order to enlarge the international audience, the original contributions and the international news section of the journal was published in English since 1987. Due to the increasing internationalisation of the glass industry, the journal title was changed to »GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Glastechnische Berichte« in 1994.

In 2002, the journal was separated into »GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY« and the German dgg journal in order to be able to address the German respectively English speaking audiences even more successfully. Original contributions, Technical Reports, and international news from the glass line were published in English in GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. The dgg journal mainly contains a comprehensive calendar of events, news from the DGG, business and R&D, from museums and collections, articles on events, as well as reports on glass topics of general interest. DGG members receive the journal free.

At the beginning of 2006, a further innovation followed: GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY was combined with the journals of the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) as the »European Journal of Glass Science and Technology«.
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Our database (see right column) contains all bibliographic data of GLASS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY from January 1986 to December 2005. There you can search for titles, authors and abstracts of the journal. Orders should be addressed to our library. To search exclusively in the journal, select GST as a category.