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Publication Nr ICG030
Author Bange, Klaus; Duran, Alicia; Parker, John M. (Editors)
MAKING GLASS BETTER: ICG roadmaps of Glass R&D with a 25 year horizon, 2nd edition
Publication Year 2014
ISS 978-84-8198-900-7
Page 222
The 1st edition formed a solid basis for an exchange of opinions concerning the future directions of glass research and an appropriate prioritization of research topics. But the roadmap process did not stop in 2010 and several additional workshops were planned and organized. The main new contributions in this 2nd edition are the results of the last ICG roadmap workshops, some of which were carried out in cooperation with other scientific organizations. The same style and format used in the previous booklet have been maintained for the eight new sections which are: • Applications of sensors and advanced process control • Fining/refining • Energy efficiency in melting process • Innovation in glass production • Structure and vibrations in oxide glasses • Glass surfaces and thin films on glass • Glasses for pharmacy • Summary of the results of the roadmap activities All these sections are highly specific and contain much rich detail; the experts contributing are named at the end of the booklet. In addition some members of the CTC (as coordinators of a TC cluster) analyzed the pre-existing material from the 1st edition in cooperation with other experts and produced reviews which are also published in this book. During the ICG Summer School dinner on July 10, 2014 Prof Peng Shou, as ICG president, announced the publication and distributed copies from the first print run to the teachers present – explaining that the students would have to win their copies in the project competition organized at the end of the week! Continuous revision will be required in the future as our knowledge base expands and as new challenges arise. We hope that the reader will be excited by the comprehensive vision of the future of glass and the manifold potential applications outlined within the booklet. The ICG intends the book to create a solid basis for forward-looking roadmap discussions on the future of glass R&D close cooperation with other scientific organizations. We all hope that you, the readers, will want to contribute your ideas on the improvement of the roadmaps and their fulfillment. Our goal is that this 2nd edition of Making Glass Better will help to focus the limited resources of the glass community on the “right” topics for a proud future for glass.
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