Current researchEigenforschung abgeschl.Gemein.-Forschung abg.

Collective Research

The focus of HVG-DGG research is on precompetitive industrial collective research (IGF). Since it would often be very expensive for small and medium sized enterprises to maintain their own research divisons, they may be supported by HVG-DGG. This cooperation is funded through the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).
Already since 1955 HVG has been a member of the »Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen (AiF)« (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations), responsible for the industrial collective research in Germany.

The German Federation of Industrial Research Associations - AiF in short - is the leading national organization promoting applied research and development benefiting Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses. It builds up alliances together with partners from industry, science and government in order to turn ideas into successful products, processes or services in the market. As an industry-driven organization, the AiF aims at initiating applied research and development (R&D) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as qualifying the new generation of academics in innovative fields and organizing the distribution of scientific knowledge.
Industry-driven innovation network
100 industrial research associations with approx. 50,000 businesses, mostly SMEs, as members, 1,200 associated research institutes and the AiF’s affiliates in Cologne and Berlin contribute to the AiF innovation network. The AiF manages public programmes of the German federal government to strengthen SME competitiveness. The AiF thus connects enterprises, research and government as well as providing a meeting ground for representatives of business and research.

HVG Institute

Besides the research work at the institute of the HVG, also investigations and measurements for the glass industry are carried out. The longstanding experiences from the research work are taken into account in the industry and vice versa, the industrial measurements are an important precondition for practice relevant research projects. The topics of the collective research mainly concern the beginning of the value creation chain, for example in the field of method optimisation (reduction in the use energy and raw materials, environmental measures) or the development of sensors in connection with process optimisation. In many cases university institutes first deal with the topics and then HVG workers continue the project under conditions of industrial practice.

Research Based on HVG Resources

In urgent cases investigation topics will be financed through HVG resources, if there would be too long a forerun for public funding. The results are made available in technical lectures and publications.

Contract Research

Investigations and measurements on behalf of industrial companies are carried out for example in the field of the optimisation of glass melting tanks. Of course, the results are made known only to the ordering party.