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Library and Information Service

There is a continuously growing number of publications available recording R&D results and information in science and technology. For glass and related fields, all the important literature is collected in the DGG library.

Until 2010 the documentation service has focussed on glass relevant literature research in international on-line databases. Since 2011 the literature database has not been systematically expanded.

Specialised Library

DGG has an extensive reference library on all aspects of the topic »glass«. Currently, it contains about 1300 books from the 18th century until today, numerous pamphlets and university publications, approx. 7600 volumes of journals, and approx. 250 current issues of journals and other periodicals.


  • Glass science and technology
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Glass properties
  • Glass applications
  • Silicate science
  • History of glass and glass manufacturing
  • Glass art
  • Fuels and energy industry
  • Materials science
  • Mathematics, chemistry, physics
  • Environmental control, recycling
  • Thermodynamics, heat engineering