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Library and Information Service

There is a continuously growing number of publications available recording R&D results and information in science and technology. For glass and related fields, all the important literature is collected in the DGG library.

In order to guarantee an updated access to interesting results and information, since 1994 the documentation service has focussed on literature research in international on-line databases.

The great advantage of the DGG library was the comprehensive availability of original literature also to visitors (after booking) – unfortunately not anymore from 2011 on.

Closing of Library

By order of the board of directors of the 6/1/2010 the library for financial reasons was closed at the end of 2010 and is not taken since 1/1/2011 personnel any more.

The following services of the DGG cannot be offered afterwards any more:
  • literature researches in internal and external data bases,
  • care of visitors in the reference library,
  • answer of the inquiries for which the literature continuance of the library must be pulled up,
  • literature orders from the continuance of the library and manufacture of copies,
  • order of the literature which does not exist in the DGG library,
  • treatment of review copies for book reviews in the dgg journal.

We point out to the fact that the literature continuance is not extended from 2011 any more.

Specialised Library

Until the end of 2010, DGG had an extensive reference library on all aspects of the topic »glass«. Currently, it contains about 13 420 books from the 18th c. until today, numerous pamphlets and university publications, 7680 volumes of journals, and approx. 250 current issues of journals and other periodicals.

Until the end of 2010, everybody interested in the topic of glass in the broadest sense had access to the DGG library, be it a glass specialist, student, collector, artist, etc…


  • Glass science and technology
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Glass properties
  • Glass applications
  • Silicate science
  • History of glass and glass manufacturing
  • Glass art
  • Fuels and energy industry
  • Materials science
  • Mathematics, chemistry, physics
  • Environmental control, recycling
  • Thermodynamics, heat engineering


The DGG library is a reference library, i.e. any of the books is supposed to be always available! Lending is not possible therefore. Instead, visitors may read, extract or do copies from books in the library.

Requesting copies

If it is inconvenient to you to visit the library, simply request copies by email or phone. The DGG librarian can do copies as far as this is in accordance with the existing copyright. Literature not available in the DGG library can be retrieved in other libraries and copies may be obtained from them.

Charges for copies (excl. dispatch charges)

up to 10 pages 3.00 EUR
up to 20 pages 5.00 EUR
over 20 pages 7.00 EUR

Withdrawal of Purchases

The legislator demands that we inform you of rights and liabilities in particular in respect of withdrawal of purchases. Please click