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Environmental Control

The glassworks in Germany are committed to operating their plants as compatible to the environment as possible and to go clearly below the legal emission limit values. The HVG engineers are extensively supporting them in this object on site.

Since 1975, HVG has been accredited as a measuring body for glass specific emissions and emissions of the ceramic industry according to § 26/28 BImSchG. In 1991, HVG was acknowledged as a body for calibration and functional tests of continuous emission measuring instruments. The measurements are carried out with guideline consistent sampling methods and a test van, which allows the parallel recording of the emissions for example in the raw and/or cleaned gas. Except for the dioxin determinations, all analyses are evaluated in the HVG lab.

The HVG competence with regard to sampling and analyses is confirmed besides other things through regular participation in round robin tests, for example on the emission simulation plant of Hessisches Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie. In addition, the activities of HVG as a measuring body are documented by means of a quality assurance system analogous to accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025:2018.

The HVG expertise in the field of environmental control has also been entered into the VDI guideline 2578 »Emissionsminderung Glashütten« and the IPPC - BAT at national and European level, respectively. HVG knowledge and experiences from the measuring activities are taken into account in research projects on environmental topics, besides other things.