Veranstaltungen Archiv

Veranstaltungen Archiv

21.08.2011 - 23.08.2011
MSA short course “Sulfur in Magmas and Melts and Its Importance for Natural and Technical Processes”
Do you want to know what drives volcanic eruptions?
Are you interested on the relationships between glass-making and magmas?
Any idea what cosmochemistry may have to do with steal production?
Have you ever heard about the role of sulfur in the formation of ore deposits?
Are you interested how the structure of glasses and melts looks like on an atomic scale?

These are some of the questions which are addressed in the summer school “Sulfur in melts” August 20 - 24, 2011 in Hannover/Goslar/Clausthal, Germany.
The core of the summer school is the MSA short course “Sulfur in Magmas and Melts and Its Importance for Natural and Technical Processes” in Goslar on August 21-23. Here world-wide known scientists will present basic content of the new Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry issue 73 in a fashion understandable for students and non-experts. Two practical courses at the days before and after the short course will give the chance to get first experience in laboratory work related to volcanism (in Hannover) and related to glass technology (in Clausthal).

Master students, PhD students and young post-docs can participate in the summer school. Pre-knowledge on sulfur in melts is not required. For more information about the short course and the summer school see:

The summer school is funded by the VW foundation, and most of the costs of the participants including travelling costs, accommodation and registration fee can be reimbursed!

Interested? Applications for the summer school should be sent via e-mail to Harald Behrens (, including a cover letter, the CV and an abstract of the poster to be presented at the short course. Note that the deadline for application is July 10, and the number of participants is limited to 36!