Veranstaltungen Archiv

Veranstaltungen Archiv

25.05.2009 - 27.05.2009
ICG Advanced Course »Strength of Glass – Basics and Test Procedures« and DGG Hands-On Course »Fractography of Glass – Causes of Damage and Analysis of Breakage«
A: ICG Advanced Course
»Strength of Glass – Basics and Test Procedures«
May 25/26, 2009

B: DGG Hands-On Course
»Fractography of Glass – Causes of Damage and Analysis of Breakage«
May 26/27, 2009

Many applications of glass are predominantly determined by its strength behaviour which depends on the geometry, the stress state and the surface nature of the glass product, but also on the type and duration of the loading.

Glass possesses a high Young’s modulus, which is comparable with that of metals and thus enables the fabrication of products with high rigidity – in contrast to polycarbonate with a much lower Young’s modulus. However, glass - as a brittle-elastic material – is susceptible to fracture and, fast due to its chemical reactivity when under stress, also to static fatigue.

It is the goal of the ICG Advanced Course to provide the most essential basics of stress formation, crack propagation and statistical evaluation of fracture events and, furthermore, to introduce the relevant methods of stress and strength measurements as well as the fractographic characterisation of fracture surfaces as a means to elucidate failure causes.

The Advanced Course addresses employees of the glass industry in the fields of production, processing, application and testing as well as all engineers and scientists who are not experts in this particular topic but look for a sound introduction.

The lecturers of the Advanced Course have long-standing practical experience of solving problems and offering solutions in the field of glass strength and thus fulfil the requirements for an updated and practice-oriented knowledge transfer.

Following the ICG Advanced Course from May 26 (afternoon) until May 27 (noon) 2009, a Hands-On Course (with specimens and microscope practise) is offered on Fractography of Glass by Prof. Dr. J. Varner, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred, NY, also at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Erlangen.


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Entry Fees
ICG Advanced Course
250.-- € for participants of ICG member countries
350.-- € for participants of non-ICG member countries
The fee includes the course manuscript.

DGG Hands-On Course
250.-- € (limited number of participants)
Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e. V. (DGG)