Veranstaltungen Archiv

Veranstaltungen Archiv

12.04.2011 - 13.04.2011
GlassTrend Seminar "New Challenges in Controlling Gas (Bubbles) Removal & Redox Conditions in Glass Melting"
Glass Trend will organize a seminar and expert meeting at TNO, Eindhoven in co-operation with TC14 and TC18 of the ICG.

Top experts will present papers on current knowledge and technology for fining of glass melts and controlling oxidation conditions and glass color in industrial production.
The seminar constitutes about 12 to 14 high level presentations, discussions and a meeting of the ICG technical committee TC 14 on Gases in Glass.

Registration fee for the seminar is EUR 400,-- per person.

Please make reservations in your agenda for 12 - 13 April 2011.
TNO Building, Eindhoven, The Netherlands