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We Make Glass Technology Transparent for You

For this internet portal, the two German glass societies HVG and DGG have summarised their objectives as follows:
  • We offer professional services to all, who – like us – are dedicated to the material glass.
  • We support the research work at the interface between university and industrial practice.
  • We provide publications and organize meetings in order to make available for you the ever-increasing knowledge in the field of glass science and technology.
  • We maintain the contact to the »glass world« and support the personal exchange within the »glass family«, for example via the online directory of all our members.

Open Access Journal

Glass Europe is a cost-free, peer-reviewed, open access journal, built by the community of European glass scientists and glass technologists.

Glass Europe publishes results of original research, as well as reviews and perspective articles. Potential topics include - but are not limited to – physics, chemistry, properties, structure, applications, sustainability, forming, recycling, quality and history of glasses, glass-ceramics and melts.

The main objective of this international open access journal is to provide a cost-free, easy-to-operate and timely-publishing service, for high quality novel research and technological developments in glass.

Glass Europe is published by Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (DGG) and Union pour la Science et la Technologie Verrières (USTV).
  • High Quality Papers
  • 100 % Cost-Free
  • Timely Publication

Glass Europe Open Access Journal

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