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Publikationsnummer ISG034
Autor Jordan, Vidal Manuel Miguel; Pinet, Olivier; Rincón, Jesús Ma.
Vitrogeowastes - Vitrification and Geopolymerization of Wastes for Immobilization or Recycling
Veröffentlichungsjahr 2019
ISS 978-84-16024-78-0
Seite 293
During 2017 (14-15th Sept.) it was celebrated at UNH-Elche-Spain the scienlific meeting of the TC05 (Technical Committee of the International Commission on Glass, ICG) focused on Indusirial Wastes and their Vitrification. The general call was done to the frame of: "'Vitrification and Geopolymerization of Industrial Wastes”. This book includes the oral invited lectures with authors from France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain. During the preparation of this edition. editors have invited additional scientists involved in this type of materials research to participate with chapters added as last contributions to this monography. First part is focused in the vitrification of nuclear wastes followed by vitrification from other industrial wastes and .second part has been dedicated to the geopolymers ledures.
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