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Publikationsnummer ICGP026
Autor ICG
ICG Dictionary of Glass-Making - English-Spanish-Portuguese
Veröffentlichungsjahr 1992
Seite 357
The trilingual English-Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary of Glass-Making is an indispensable reference tool for everybody linked with the glass industry. All fields related to glass-making are covered: raw materials and glass constituents; all existing types of glass-melting furnace and processes; refractories; conditioning and feeding; hand and machine manufacturing of hollow, pressed and flat glass, optical glass, glass fibre and tubing. It also contains terms related to defects in glass, to the various types of glass and glass products, to glass properties, test methods, quality control procedures, and environmental problems linked with the glass industry. The book is of vital interest to all those working in the technical and commercial services of glass-making firms, in research laboratories and universities concerned with materials science, in all companies buying or selling glass under any form. It is extremely useful to architects, and building contractors, producers of raw materials and refractories, users of optical fibres, and pharmaceutical glass.
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