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04.07.2011 - 08.07.2011
3rd Workshop for new Researchers - Glass Structure and Properties: from basic Science to Works of Art
This workshop will overview key fundamentals in glass science with
an emphasis on structure-property relationships. Each day will start
with a discussion of available measurement/simulation
methodologies and their contribution to our understanding of glass
structure, both on different length scales and for a broad spectrum of
inorganic glass-forming systems. These lectures will underpin talks on
properties and their structural dependence e.g. optical behaviour,
viscosity and ageing, nucleation and crystallisation. Special attention
will be given to archaeological and artistic aspects. The lectures will
be presented by world experts in their fields. A significant aspect of
the workshop will be student-centred projects that encourage
discussion and help you to develop your understanding by applying
what you have learned to specific issues.
Montpellier (France)